Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rose Cafe Kyoto

Brief Profile
Theme: Middle-East Fusion Food
Star of the Menu: Kebab Plate/ Kebab Wrap
Halal sign: YES
Vegetarian/Vegan Menu: Available
Menu in English: Available

Editor's Comment
Taste: 4/8
Atmosphere: 5/8
Miscellaneous: Palatable but not yet a talk in the town...


  1. hi, Im searching any halal restaurant around kyoto. Is this restaurant (rose cafe) serve Halal Japanese cuisine too?
    thank you

  2. Please read all my posts. I tried to list up all halal restaurants and cafes. Rose cafe also served some Saba (fish) meal similar to Japanese cuisine but most of the foods in the menu are Middle East foods.TQ for your comment.Just ask me anytime.